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By Larry Flynt



FORMAT: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-7582-0483-3
PAGES: 263

Just when you thought there was no one left with the guts to expose the liars and hypocrites, enter Larry Flynt. The legendary pornographer and crusader for First Amendment rights has had it with post-9/11 paranoia, attacks on our civil rights, the rise of the religious right, vested corporate interests, and the compliant U.S. media. In Sex, Lies & Politics: The Naked Truth Flynt shares his courageous insights on sex, freedom of speech, government, privacy, the War on Terror, the Bush administration, feminism, religion, entrepreneurialism, pornography, and the erosion of our personal freedoms. He asks Americans the important questions: Why are we so uncomfortable with the truth and with our sexuality? Why are we so brainwashed as a nation? Why are we so afraid to be truly free?
No other living American icon fascinates, enrages, and delights as many people (of all ages, backgrounds, and political preferences) as Larry Flynt does. Sure to spark debate from all sides, Sex, Lies & Politics is Flynt's manifesto for change, a look inside his mind and heart, a groundbreaking book from a pundit and patriot. Because he is not afraid of the truth, he'll say what no one else will.

  • Issue: 000043-2005001
  • 24 Units in Stock

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